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You know you have the potential to live in freedom..

but knowing how to get there feels impossible.

You know how to think positive (or try to). You know how to exercise. You know you need to practice self-love but the process feels impossible and confusing.


You’re sick and tired of waking up in the morning dreading the day. The constant and confusing irritability. You’re ready for a life you love.


You’re sick of spending all your time feeling anxious, numb, and disconnected and not seeing an end in sight. 


You’re currently depending on a “one day” in the future that keeps feeling out of reach.


You’re ready to dive into your true authenticity and be the badass you are, taking your life into your own powerful hands.


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In Nov of 2019, I lost a loved one to suicide. 

I was told by friends, family, and therapists that “it would pass” or “I just needed to get outside more” or “Dwelling on it isn’t helpful.”

While true, I did need to get outside. This wasn’t helpful. 

I thought, “If I’m struggling this bad with this trauma, I know there are tons and tons of people out there like me.”

That’s when I realized my calling to meet people in their pain in a new way. 

And after months and months of healing, exploring, and fighting for my life, Groundwork Academy was born.  

I went from depressed, anxious, and hating myself to actually whole-heartedly loving myself in a way I never thought possible. 

And now it’s time for me to teach YOU how to do the same thing because I believe that you can see the same results. 

You can heal, you just need a road map & support to make it happen.


The 3 month Coaching program to heal your chronic symptoms and live in freedom, authenticity, and alignment.

Our 3 months together will Include:

 5-phase Healing Roadmap: The exact steps I used for my own freedom and the freedom of countless clients

Weekly 1-on-1 coaching calls:  This is where we put what you’ve learned to work and start actually doing the neural reprogramming together. 

The Resource vault

All of Madison’s favorite resources to help you on your journey even outside of the program. Her favorite books, podcasts, movies, documentaries, and products.

What you'll Learn






I truly believe

You can heal your anxiety, depression, irritability, and symptoms.

You can find freedom without endless medications and self-help books.

You can get mind-blowing results.

It is possible to heal.

I want to help you get there.

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