Want to get relief from your chronic anxiety & depression using my method backed by neuroscience?

This FREE PDF walks you through 3 steps for starting to understand and begin to heal your chronic symptoms.

It can be so discouraging when you feel like you’ve tried everything and not seen results. 

I coach from the understanding that
beneath depression, anxiety, and chronic irritability
is our unprocessed emotion.

That dread in the morning and those sleepless nights? Those are all symptoms of a deeper wound.

If that’s you, you’re in the right place. 

I help people transform 
from being 
enslaved to symptoms,
to being
empowered badasses.

How is this different from other programs?

I believe in empowering you
to have tools to use when I’m not around. 

My program gives YOU the power.
Not your therapist, not your coach.



The first step to healing our brain is understanding
how it processes emotion

Every year, new research gives us better and better insight into brain function, providing proof that the brain can be healed. 

That’s what I’ll teach you.

My name is


And I have fucking been there.

While I have a degree in psychology and years of experience in the field, I owe my success in helping clients to my personal journey with anxiety, depression and grief.
No textbook or class can help you understand depression the way actually experiencing it does.

I went from suicidal to living truly empowered and it’s my passion to share this with the world. 

Everyone deserves healing.


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